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2019-06-17 14:00
Dividend Diplomats
5 Ways We Save Money on Diapers

2019-06-17 13:00
Nothing wrong with retire at age 67 or later // Financial independence retire early does not define

2019-06-17 13:00
Passive Income Pursuit
Dividend Update - May 2019

2019-06-17 12:00
Dividend Growth Investor
Five Dividend Machines Working Hard for Their Owners

2019-06-17 09:30
Dividend Growth Stocks
7 Stocks Building Superior Long-Term Returns With Increased Dividends

2019-06-17 01:52
All About Interest
Welcome Rental Property # 6

2019-06-16 21:44
Disciplined Investing
Manufacturers And Small Businesses: Widespread Optimism

2019-06-16 12:33
Mr Free at 33
Undervalued Dividend Growth Stock Of The Week

2019-06-16 00:57
FI Fighter
Thank You Edition #8 - In Progress Now

2019-06-15 21:48
FI Fighter
Pho Ga Recipe

2019-06-15 19:09
All About Interest
Baby AAI Recent Purchase

2019-06-14 21:24
FI Fighter
Life is Short (And Precious)

2019-06-14 21:00
Sure Dividend
Alaris Royalty: 10% Yielding Dividend Stock, But A Recession Could Spell Trouble

2019-06-14 19:34
FI Fighter
Gold and Silver (June 14, 2019)

2019-06-14 19:00
Sure Dividend
Pacific Coast Oil Trust: Attractive 10% Dividend Yield, But Know The Risks

2019-06-14 16:00
Sure Dividend
PermRock Royalty Trust: Permian Pure-Play With An 11% Dividend Yield

2019-06-14 14:00
Dividend Diplomats
The Ultimate Travel Hack for Airbnb

2019-06-14 09:00
Dividend Growth Stocks
Duke Energy (DUK) Dividend Stock Analysis

2019-06-14 04:11
Simly Investing
What's passive income and how can you earn more of it?

2019-06-14 01:17
FI Fighter
Lithium Update (June 13, 2019)

Dividend Monk

The purpose of this site is to help you build wealth and passive income alongside your active income, and ultimately, to become financially free. More specifically, this site focuses on dividend growth investing, with other asset classes and indexes for support. For years, this site has provided new investors with a basis to get started building wealth, and has provided experienced investors with free stock analysis reports and quick ideas.


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2019-06-05 - I love my PS4, But I stick with Microsoft for my..
Summary SNE built an impressive reputation during all these years of operations. The "PlayStation Environment" is their greatest growth vector. I don't see the point of going with SNE, when you can..

2019-05-30 - Telefonica, I'm not Picking-up the Phone this..
Summary Telefonica is the incumbent fixed-line and wireless telephone operator in Spain. TEF is a leader in convergence, where it cross sells fixed-line and wireless telephone services. TEF dividend..

2019-05-24 - Nestle: Can this defensive stock boost your..
Summary Their strong portfolio brand might yield even more in the future A 24th year of increased dividends with signs of sustained returns Management expects a balanced growth of organic and external..

2019-05-07 - Three Dividend Stocks on My Radar
So.... Would you really sell in May and go away? It is tempting to follow this saying after such a great start to this year.  Believe it or not, there are still some great opportunities on the market...

2019-04-10 - What do you do now?
The last 12 months have been quite interesting, to say the least. We reached an all-time high (once again) right before getting hit by a quick storm that ended on Christmas Eve. As we are about to..

2019-03-06 - Linde Plc: Value-Added Merger for Investors
Summary Merging with Praxair to become a $90B leader. Operating margin and profits increasing, bringing positive outlook for 2019 Several months ago, Linde plc (LIN) announced its to become a massive..

2019-02-14 - GlaxoSmithKline: The next portfolio vaccine?
Summary Favorable Q4 figures bring out optimism amongst investors New acquisitions and a new joint venture with Pfizer could lead to something huge Higher-than-average yield also comes with its share..

2019-02-07 - Leggett & Platt Inc.: Could this be an all-in-one..
Summary Q4 figures give an overview of the company's satisfying position Acquisitions seem to be a winning formula for healthy margins While not alarming, uncertainties start to rise on multiple..

2019-01-31 - Expeditors International of Washington: An..
Summary One of the best quarter in the company's history, with a 39% EPS increase. Betting on technology might be the key to success for the transportation business. A rocky road lays ahead with..

2019-01-29 - High dividend yields don't equal high returns
Today I'm going to war. I'm taking my double-sided axe and putting my mean face on. I will need the warrior spirit because I'm about to tackle one of investing's sacred beasts: high dividend yielding..

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