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Global Stock Ideas from a Nordic perspective


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10 latest posts

2019-09-19 - Short comments on all holdings
This is my current portfolio snapped as of yesterday, I will make a short comment on each holding, starting from the top. Nagacorp My clear leader performance wise, with a large contribution to my..

2019-09-08 - Selling two long term holdings - NetEase and..
NetEase As i already hinted in my previous post, NetEase is the only company left that I identified as not having an “edge” against the market. I was at the time of posting not willing to..

2019-08-11 - Portfolio update and larger portfolio change
2019 has been the toughest year for the GlobalStockPicking portfolio in terms of under-performing against the MSCI World benchmark, YTD the return stand at 3% vs 15% for MSCI World. I did very well up..

2019-07-31 - LiveChat Software - company with a strong track..
+ SaaS company with strong track-record of growth in number of customers, revenue and cash flow. + Providing services in a niche with strong tailwinds, companies need to find way to communicate with..

2019-06-09 - 3D Printing Part 1 - Hype has died, time to..
The Gartner hype cycle in the picture above can be used in many situations in life. For example I would draw a very similar curve of my perceived knowledge of equity investing. Starting at a low level..

2019-06-03 - Guest post about the US debt cycle
A good friend of mine, who is the one I bounce ideas the most with, asked if it was possible to do a guest post. Without this guest, my discussions and investment ideas over these years would not have..

2019-05-22 - Sell Edgewell, adding to Nagacorp and other..
When investing in a company I do my best to understand the products the company is selling. I want to understand the environment the company is operating in, competitors, brand value, together putting..

2019-04-09 - Sell UR-Energy and All-time-high!
The portfolio reached a new all time high on Friday last week. It’s not very long ago I wrote a post where I shared my thoughts around the market. I thought then that we had started a cyclical..

2019-04-09 - Cheetah Mobile (CMCM US) - Value or a trap?
I bought into this company knowing that there was some issues, but believing they issues very minor compared to the values hidden in this company. There were claims the company had conducted click..

2019-03-28 - out Swedbank in was a tough investment case, continuing to fall sharply after I bought into the company at 25.7 USD per share. This was an investment in my Opportunistic bucket, after allegations..

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