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A blog about Money – Life – Business, in that order.


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10 latest posts

2018-01-12 - An International Portfolio from The Escape Artist
The Escape Artist Regular readers know the story. This blog launched in 2011 at the suggestion of a business colleague of mine. I had shared with him letters and notes I had been writing to my..

2017-12-21 - The Bond Experiment: Return to VBTLX
After a somewhat hidden ~7 year experiment with other bond funds, last week I returned our portfolio to VBTLX. Background Those of you who have read The Stock Series here on the blog, or my book The..

2017-12-04 - How to Invest in Bitcoin like Benjamin Graham
“On October 26, 2012 I bought 100 Bitcoins for $1017 USD.  As of November 28th, 2017, they are worth almost exactly $1,000,000 USD.” Of late, I have been getting an increasing number of..

2017-10-04 - Kibanda Part 3: Running the numbers
It is a new dawn and… …sunrise at Kibanda After a brutal move (“Well then, we’ll just leave your stuff on the lawn and go”) we have finally taken up residency here at..

2017-09-09 - Sleeping soundly thru a market crash: The Wasting..
Back in July I found myself up in the far north of Maine looking out at the Atlantic Ocean. I was a guest of one A. Noonan Moose. Mr. Moose owns the beach house with this lovely view where we were..

2017-08-21 - Stocks -- Part XXXI: Too hot. Too cold. Not pure..
I write this blog for my daughter and, by extension, people like her. People who know getting investing right can make a huge, positive difference in their lives but who don’t want to obsess..

2017-08-05 - Kibanda, Part 2: Negotiating the deal
Kibanda from the road It is interesting. With a beach house, “front door” and “back door” become meaningless. Guess we’ll have to get used to “lake side” and..

2017-07-26 - Time Machine and the future returns for stocks
These days the consensus view, looking out over the next few decades, seems to be we should expect more modest returns from stocks than we’ve enjoyed over the past few. They see factors forming..

2017-07-11 - Kibanda: Mr. Anti-house buys his dream house
Well, beach shack anyway… Kibanda cha Ziwa Of course, it is not about the house. It is about this: Ziwa Having the occasional Bald Eagle drop by doesn’t hurt… But wait. Aren’t..

2017-06-23 - Is there an interior designer in the house?
A little over a year ago I finally completed the manuscript for my book. But as anyone who has been thru the process will tell you, that is just the beginning of a whole new set of tasks. Most of..

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