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2017-12-17 17:34
Sure Dividend
12 Lessons I Learned From Black Monday

2017-12-17 14:00
Dividend Diplomats
A Huge Adjustment to our Student Loans Payment Plan

2017-12-17 12:40
Mr Free at 33
Undervalued Dividend Growth Stock Of The Week

2017-12-17 09:21
Options Update: November 2017

2017-12-16 20:01
Sure Dividend
Why The Dividend Aristocrats Are Good Investments To Generate Long-Term Wealth

2017-12-16 18:37
Dividend Yield - Stock, Capital, Investment
An Overview Of The Best Industrial Dividend Income Stocks Q4/2017

2017-12-16 16:57
Captain Dividend
I Started Mining Bitcoins !

2017-12-16 14:00
Passive Income Pursuit
Weekly Roundup - December 16, 2017

2017-12-16 12:57
Dividend Yield - Stock, Capital, Investment
Dividend Growth Stocks Of The Week

2017-12-16 10:00
Recent Buy: SCHD

2017-12-16 09:30
Dividend Growth Stocks
Weekly Links: December 9, 2017

2017-12-15 17:30
Hello suckers
How Does Today's Politics Affect My Investments?

2017-12-15 17:30
Hello suckers
How Does Today's Politics Affect My Investments?

2017-12-15 16:57
Sure Dividend
How Do You Know When Is The Right Time to Retire?

2017-12-15 15:00
Roadmap 2 Retire
Top Investment Picks Contest for 2018

2017-12-15 13:20
Passive Income Pursuit
Thankful For My Dividend Checks | Dividend Update - November 2017

2017-12-15 04:47
Hello suckers
What Will The Stock Market Look Like in 20 Years?

2017-12-15 04:47
Hello suckers
What Will The Stock Market Look Like in 20 Years?

2017-12-15 03:03
Financial Freedom
Recent Buy: Hanesbrands Inc.

2017-12-14 22:00
Sure Dividend
Interview With Seeking Alpha's BuyandHold 2012

Retire by 40

Is it really possible to quit your career and leave it all behind before youíre 40? Thatís the question I had when I started Retire By 40 in 2010. I had been a computer engineer at Intel since 1996, but the job wasnít the right fit for me anymore.


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10 latest posts

2017-12-14 - Am I Too Cheap for Doing Yard Work?
Is it just me or have gardeners became ridiculously expensive? Personally, I hate paying for yard work. Why pay when you can do it yourself? Besides, yard work builds character. I pity the kids who..

2017-12-07 - Travel Hacking Success!
I must admit, I wasn't always a big fan of travel hacking. I'm not very good at it because there is too much overhead. Life is already busy enough without having to track all these credit card sign-up..

2017-12-04 - November 2017 Goals and Financial Update
Whoa, there is less than a month left in 2017. Where did the time go? If you've let some New Year resolutions slide until December (like me), then it's probably too late. Well, there are a few goals..

2017-11-30 - Losing Weight is Not Like Building Wealth
It's been a week since Thanksgiving and our fridge is still full of left over. Mrs. RB40 really went to town this year and cooked up a huge feast. Now, she's gone on a business trip and it's up to me..

2017-11-27 - Money Moves to Make Before Christmas Break
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and avoided overspending on the biggest shopping weekend of the year. We didn't do much and put off the big Thanksgiving meal until Saturday. We were going to..

2017-11-20 - How to Avoid Overspending this Holiday Season
The holiday season is a source of stress for many of us. Did you know the rate of deadly heart attacks increase during the holidays? That's strange, but I guess it's understandable. Spending time with..

2017-11-16 - Cancun Trip Report Part 2 - Luxurious Stay at The..
This is part 2 of our trip to Cancun, but let's recap part 1 first. In the first leg of our trip, we wanted to experience the local color so we stayed at a modest hotel in downtown for 3 nights. We..

2017-11-13 - Cancun Trip Report Part 1 - Seeing The Local Color
For our 2nd vacation this year, we visited beautiful Cancun, Mexico. This was an unusual choice for us because we already visited Hawaii in September. Why did we have a second beach vacation? Well,..

2017-11-09 - Reader's Question - Should I invest in dividend..
Hey Everyone, Today we have a question from Grace. She doesn’t make much money and she prefers conservative investments. Should she invest in dividend stock? I gave it my best shot, but..

2017-11-02 - Do You Pay More in Taxes Than Housing, Food, and..
This will be a short one because we're on vacation in Mexico. It's an exciting time in Washington DC. The House Republicans and our fearless leader are trying to push through a sweeping tax reform...

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