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The blog is a way for me to record my quest toward financial independence. Although achieving financial independence through the lottery sounds like a great idea, I want to rely on more concrete plans.


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10 latest posts

2019-08-19 - How to bulletproof financial plans & combat..
This blog has been in existence for over 5 years. To my surprise, most of these posts I have published have been written by me exclusively. I have only published a few guest blog posts. While I still..

2019-08-12 - Dividend income & Financial Independence Journey..
Can you believe that summer is half over? So far this summer we have not seen the summer scorching heat here in Vancouver. Instead, we have had rainy days occasionally. We Vancouverites actually..

2019-08-08 - I messed up
As a long-running family tradition, my parents gave our kids red envelopes with money inside for Chinese New Year earlier this year. Being a natural saver and thinking about the future, I then took..

2019-08-05 - Financial Independence Interview #8 - Building a..
A while ago, I started a financial independence interview series where I interviewed Canadians who are either financially independent, retired early, or close to these key financial milestones. The..

2019-07-29 - Playing the rewards points game - How to spend..
Lately, we have been doing a lot of price comparisons between Costco and Superstore and price matching to get the best deals. One thing we've realized is that Superstore can have some really great..

2019-07-22 - 7 Lessons I've learned from 5 years of blogging
After debating whether to start a personal finance blog for over six months, on July 20, 2014, I published the very first blog post on this site titled "Best Financial Advice". During those six..

2019-07-15 - Q2 2019 Goals and Resolutions Update
Q2 2019 is over which means it's time to do a Q2 2019 goals and resolutions update. When I published my goals in January, I wasn't sure if I'd do monthly or quarterly updates. I ended up deciding..

2019-07-11 - Quit like a Millionaire book review & giveaway
Quit Like a Millionaire review and book giveaway contest The post Quit like a Millionaire book review & giveaway appeared first on Tawcan.

2019-07-08 - Dividend Income & Financial Independence Journey..
Bang! Just like that the 1H of 2019 is in the books. In case you’re new here, I am doing these monthly updates to keep us honest and demonstrate that it is possible to build up a sizable..

2019-07-01 - Random Thoughts - Coffee Ain't Going to Ruin Your..
By now you have probably heard of the latte factor, famously created by David Bach. The idea is simple, rather than spending $5 each day on a latte, invest that money, and let it grow. Over a year, $5..

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