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2020-06-05 09:00
Dividend Growth Stocks
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (WMT) Dividend Stock Analysis

2020-06-04 18:24
New holding PAX Global, Selling Tianneng, BBI Buyout finalized

2020-06-04 14:00
Dividend Diplomats
Dividend Stock Purchase: Lanny's May 2020 Summary

2020-06-04 07:00
Retire by 40
Inequity and Financial Independence

2020-06-03 21:34
Spotlight on James Marino Sr of Portfolio Insight

2020-06-03 13:00
Passive Income Pursuit
Broadridge Financial Solutions: Boring Is Beautiful

2020-06-03 12:00
Dividend Growth Investor
UnitedHealth Group (UNH) Dividend Stock Analysis

2020-06-03 09:00
Dividend Growth Stocks
10 Great Dividend Stocks With 50+ Years of Consecutive Increases

2020-06-02 18:05
Mr Free at 33
Consider Buying This High-Quality Dividend Growth Stock Today

2020-06-02 17:09
Financial Freedom
Passive Income for May 2020

2020-06-02 16:24
Dividend Changes: May 23-29, 2020

2020-06-02 15:00
Wallet Squirrel
Income Report - May, 2020

2020-06-02 13:00
The world needs more love & empathy

2020-06-01 15:41
Roadmap 2 Retire
Outlook for June 2020

2020-06-01 14:04
A Dividend Dream!
Monthly report: May 2020

2020-06-01 14:00
Dividend Diplomats
Dividend Increases - Expected in June 2020 -(Hopefully)

2020-06-01 13:00
Re-evaluate & a deep dive our dividend portfolio

2020-06-01 12:00
Dividend Growth Investor
Universal Corporation (UVV) Dividend Stock Analysis

2020-06-01 11:00
Disciplined Investing
Individuals Save In April With Many Businesses Shutdown

2020-06-01 08:00
Dividend Growth Stocks
4 Dividend Stocks Building Superior Long-Term Returns

The Dividend Pig

Welcome to The Dividend Pig a site dedicated to building wealth through dividend growth stocks!

The Dividend Pig not only seeks to provide you with the fundamentals in dividend investing, but to also show you great stocks that you can purchase for your investment portfolio.


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10 latest posts

2020-05-18 - April Dividend Income and Net Worth Report - 2020
Over the last 2 months, I’ve made some significant progress in my journey to financial freedom. The newest big news is we sold our house! On top of that, dividend income is continuing to grow..

2020-05-08 - Money in the Trough - May Dividend Stock Purchases..
This has been an interesting month of surprise market results. The USA has achieved higher highs in unemployment numbers while the stock market is cursing upwards. I suspect investors are seeing..

2020-04-30 - March Dividend Income and Net Worth Report - 2020
I’ll keep this short again as I’m rolling up this month’s report a couple weeks late! Dividend income was on FIRE this March, while portfolio values were also on FIRE (in the bad..

2020-04-24 - Money in the Trough - April Dividend Stock..
April has been a doozy of month for me and my path towards financial independence. “Big things are afoot at the Circle K” for me right now. With that, I’m a little short on cash at..

2020-03-27 - February Dividend Income and Net Worth Report -..
I’m crazy late with this report. I’ve been super busy this month taking a big step towards my path to financial independence (I’ll post more on that later) and I’m just now..

2020-03-18 - Money in the Trough - March Dividend Stock..
If you’re reading this then you already know March has been a pretty rough month for investors. Wow! Who would have thought that the world was about to explode with Covid-19? I sure..

2020-02-20 - Money in the Trough - February Dividend Stock..
A new month and some new dividend stocks to purchase! Oh, and happy valentines month! We’ve had a pretty interesting February so far with the market rebounding quite a bit after last..

2020-02-12 - January Dividend Income and Net Worth Report -..
A new decade of dividend income and net worth reports has finally begun and I’m happy to start it off with this one. With regards to dividend income, everything is great as we have set a new..

2020-01-21 - Money in the Trough - January Dividend Stock..
Well, a new decade has arrived (HAPPY NEW YEAR!) and we have some new dividend stock purchases to report. We seem to find ourselves in an expensive market with some big market moving events coming..

2020-01-13 - December Dividend Income and Net Worth Report -..
Happy New Year! 2019 has been a heck of a year with plenty to celebrate. December marks a new record high for dividend income and net worth – I’m excited to share. On top of that,..

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